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Product number: 1
Product name: Publication about the Czech Republic in Vietnamese
More details: Kocourek, J. 2006: Giáo dục - Đào tạo [Výchova a vzdělávání, Education] str. 141 - 160 In: Pham Thanh Hung, 2006: Cộng Hoà Séc - đất nước - con người [Česká republika - země - lidé, Czech Republic - country - people]. Hanoj: Dai Hoc Quoc Gia Hanoi.
Price: 200,- CZK
Short description: Editor and co-author of the publication is Mr. TS. Pham Thanh Hung, who has been studying journalism in the Czech Republic. Nowadays he is teaching at the National university in Hanoi. He translated many books from Czech to Vietnamese, among others books from Hrabal or Nemcova. Publication offers basic information about Czech culture and society not only for new visitors of the Czech Republic (in Vietnamese).
Product pictures: Po kliknutí se zobrazí titulní stránka publikace v novém okně (185 kB)


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