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Mgr. Jiří Kocourek - Applied Sociology

  • consulting in the field of social sciences
  • translations and interpretations
  • data preparing and processing
  • education lectures, courses and programmes
  • specialized retail composite goods

Where necessary we realize our services with our stable team or interim project teams of independent experts or professionals.

Social and Intercultural Topics:
Consulting, Research, Analysis and Interpretation

Opinions, communication, organization and management, employees and employers, social conditions and problems, minorities and specific groups, foreigners,
more info...

Translations and Interpretations:
Vietnamese - Czech, Czech - Vietnamese

Certified translations, common language, juristic topics, social sciences (economy, law, psychology, sociology, pedagogy), other topics according to contracted conditions,
more info...

Mediation, Facilitation, Negotiation: conflict and problem solving with one or more mediators

Civil-law problematic, family mediation, employing, managing, communication, intercultural mediation, planning, more info...

Strategic Consulting: possibility of sociology application in organizations, first steps and stable activity of organization in Vietnam

Communication, conflict solving, management, training, research, preparation and managing of trade negotiation and activities in Vietnam, information about Vietnam, more info...

Since 31st October we realize development cooperation project called "Support for Development of Social Capacities of Inhabitants of the Thua Thien - Hue - Vietnam - 2006 - 2009", supported by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Interculture Education and Vietnamese Studies:
consulting, methodics, lectures, publications

Vietnam, South-East Asia, Vietnamese in the CR, intercultural communication, ethnic minorities in the CR, lack of interest, xenophobia, discrimination, racism, integration, communication, intensive interaction, intercultural education, more info...

2nd June 2009
20th June 2009 we realize a final journey to Vietnam to finish the development project in the commune Phong My.
25th May 2009
13th May 2009 we moved our office from Vokovice to Průhonice.