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Research, Consulting a Data Processing

Social and Intercultural Topics: Consulting, Research, Analysis and Interpretation

  • consulting and participation on preparing, realizing and evaluation of research projects, data processing and statistical analysis;
  • consequences analysis and resolution evaluation of social and other projects focused on organization, management and communication;
  • flexible participation in your office and with your expert's team;
  • we have experiences with state, municipal and profit organizations;
  • team building and team coordination;
  • cascading education in the field of researched topics.
Do you need interesting information and context from many poeple?
Do you need formulate research questions and make questionairies or interviews?
Do you need analyze consequences of your decision or of a project for social groups?
Do you need to explain the received infromation in the theoretical or wider relevant frame?
Do you want to participate in the research?

Let us cooperate ...

Research activities we offer:
  • project development (goals, objectives, strategy, methodology, method, techniques…);
  • SW usage consulting during applied sociology projects;
  • preparation of data collection:
    • sample suggestion;
    • data collection strategy;
    • interviewer's training;
    • questions suggestions and questionnaires development;
    • pilot research;
  • research tools development;
  • typing and coding;
  • data processing and controlling;
    • basic and logical controlling;
    • basic analysis (quest. by quest.);
    • sample sufficiency controlling;
  • analysis and interpretation;
  • research and project outputs;
  • project documentation.
Concrete activities for example:
  • construction of an effective questionaire or interview you to analyze friendly and to mine needed information;
  • verify your research meens (questionaire etc.);
  • mine information, consulting;
  • teach interviewers for your research, manual for them, we prepare instructions for them;
  • analyze and explain socialogical data, research reports;
  • help in other cases of data procesing and researching.