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Mgr. Ji Kocourek - head of the team

Date of birth: 6th July 1977

Place of birth: Prague 4, Czech Republic

  • 2010 accredited lecturer of the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic;
  • 2005 - accredited mediator of the Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic;
  • 2001 - MA in Sociology and Vietnamese Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague;
  • 1999 - six month stay at the National University in Hanoi, Vietnam. Study of Vietnamese studies (language, literature and history) finished with an exam and official certificate;
  • seminars for communications, conflict resolution, mediation, MBTI personality typology.

Applied Sociology

  • 2001 - up to now - Sociological research and application of sociological knowledge and education in social and intercultural field; consultancy in applied sociology; data processing and analysis; translation and interpretation from Vietnamese to Czech. Preparations and organization of educational projects, realization of Official Development Aid projects (see projects list or offer).


  • 2009 - up to now intercultural mediation;
  • 2008 - up to now - lecturer of Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic;
  • 2005 - up to now - mediator and facilitator, lecturer, project coordinator, project team member and researcher of Association of Mediators of the Czech Republic.
Further education and other activities:
  • 2005 - up to now - participant of the CzechKid project developing and realization - Faculty of Human Studies - Charles University of Prague);
  • 2005 - 2007 - participant of Centre of Innovative Education (University in Olomouc - ESF Project);
  • 2004 - up to now - realization of university seminaries, lectures and courses (communication, interculture education, applied sociology, Culture and history of South East Asia etc.) (Centre for Education to Human Rights - Charles University in Prague; Pedagogical Faculty of Masarique University Brno, AKCENT International House);
  • 2003 - co-author of the exposition presenting the life of selected minorities in the Czech Republic. The project was supported by Jewish museum in Prague, Masarique University in Brno and by Anne Frank House;
  • 2003 - up to now - leadership of seminars, lectures and workshops about minorities in the Czech Republic with special focus on Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic;
  • 2003 - up to now - lectures for teachers on multicultural education with special focus on Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic;
  • 2000 - up to now - lectures on Vietnamese in the Czech Republic for employees of the central and local governments;
  • 2000 - 2001 - member of the editorial board of the newsletter of Czech-Vietnamese Society in Prague. Publication of articles focused on minorities in the Vietnam.
  • 2010 up to now chairman of CA Club Hanoi;
  • 2005 up to now - member and founder of the CA SOCIOPOLIS;
  • 2004 up to now - accredited mediator, lecturer of the CA Association of the Mediators of the Czech Republic Board;
  • 2004 up to now - member of head committee of the CA Club Hanoi.
Language skills:
  • Vietnamese;
  • English;
  • German.
Leisure time activities:
  • since 2000 - member of the folkloric group Gaudeamus in Prague;
  • 1996-1998 expressional dance;
  • 1997-1998 work with mentally retarded children in Club OZA;
  • 1988-1996 health and meditative exercises of the Far East;
  • 1987-1995 horse riding.